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Guangdong Ideal Color Printing Co., Ltd is conveniently located in Southern China, Guangdong Province,
Heyuan County close by Guangzhou, Huizhou and Shenzhen.

Hong Kong Ideal Color Printing Co., Ltd is the sales and marketing office of Guangdong Ideal, as well as product development.

Ideal Printing is an enterprise with designing, researching and development, printing and after printing service. We specialize
in professional packaging production facility of high quality color box, cards, 3D printing, elegant gift box, brochures, publications,
paper bags, cardboard books, multi-functional office paper and stamping service. We also do finish products of educational games,
Teaching Aids,Children books, Gift&Premium and wall stickers.

Ideal Printing's goal is to serve our customers with pride. We are a first class manufacturer aiming to serve extensive support and
solutions to the development of any new projects.

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