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Pizza fraction fun


Educational by fighting right or wrong, children's will get the ability of being familiar with percentage, learning the concept of fraction and verifying the answer by himself, that is designed to enhance children's memory for fraction and self-learning ability
Easy collect the pizza accessories can be well stored into the pizza tray
The great storage design is easy for children's to carry home and school without losing any accessories
Interactivity Children can play with parents, teachers and even other kids, kids' can compete with others, to see which one fight a complete pizza in shortest time
How to play:
Learn the fraction composition by these pizza fraction accessories and pizza tray, the set gets two play styles:
1. Put all the pizza accessories into the pizza tray only by fighting right, let children learn about the composition of 1 by practice, restart and pour the accessories by incorrect fighting
2. Children's do their own pizza by different percentages (different pattern) and learn the percentage knowledge during

All aspects:

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